Friday, December 21, 2018

"'Tis the Eating Season, Eat better with these practical tips"

Tis the Eating Season 

We just navigated one food holiday only to be bombarded with “The Eating Season”. 

This is the season when the break room at work is filled with holiday goodies, we give sugar bombs as gifts, and we have so many gatherings where food is the centerpiece that it is difficult to keep from over indulging. So, we have compiled a list of tips to help keep everyone on track.

From Janice Phillips:

As the holidays have come upon us rather quickly, and the fun and festive season are in our midst. It can be challenging to stay on target for our racing goals, healthy eating and workouts.  A couple of thoughts to help us stay on target. 

The first thought is to not make excuses.  Sometimes we make excuses to splurge and it lasts all month. 

Make it a goal to eat 3 meals a day and not to skip meal especially breakfast. 
The next thought is be mindful of what we put in our bodies and to not overindulge in food and alcohol. 

Negativity can also play apart in the holiday season.  Stay positive and focus on the small goals as well as the large goals. 

Get enough rest, schedule your workouts and take good care of yourself during this holiday season.  My final thought is to keep your eye on the prize during the holiday season. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From Kristin Blaise: 
Ok, my tip for not over eating and eating correctly at all times but especially for the holidays: pack healthy snacks - always.  There are many prepared bars for all types of diet plans.  Nuts and seeds of any sort are always acceptable and have one of the longest stomach clear times making you feel fuller longer.  

From Coach Sherril:

It is always easier to not gain weight than it is to lose it. Drastic changes in your nutrition program are hard on your body.

Make yourself a priority! Don’t let the stress of the season derail your year of hard work and great nutrition. Recognize the holiday stress triggers and make healthy plans to deal with them.

Identify times when you won’t have healthy alternatives. If it’s potluck, take something good for you.

Headed out for a party, eat healthy and filling snacks before you go.

Plan ahead to avoid the everywhere temptations. You may need to stay out of the breakroom at work.

Decide ahead of time which indulgences are worth the extra calories. Write down the ones you plan to have, so you have something to look forward to.

Focus on fun not food! Remember what is important. Your family’s conversation and enjoying each other’s company far outweighs what is on the table.

If someone demands you eat their special dessert, kindly explain that it doesn’t fit in your nutrition program.

Remember to keep your plan realistic.

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